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Tools4Church integrates with existing church database systems like Access ACS, Breeze, Fellowship One, and Shelby and enhances their functionality with tools for Financial Analytics and Pastoral Care. The Financial Analytics tool allows churches to visualize trends in giving and demographics of givers, to identify new and lapsed givers, and to drill down to see the households behind various statistics. The Pastoral Care tool gives one person or a team the ability to track and follow up with congregation members that are homebound, in the hospital, at rehabilitation facilities, receiving hospice care, and more. When used with teams, team members can view each other’s notes and collaborate on care.  And because Tools4Church is a web app, it runs on any device with a web browser including iPhones, Android phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Learn more and try a live demo at

Mobile Access to the Church Database

Financial Analytics Tool

Pastoral Care Tool

FUMCR People

In order for staff members at First United Methodist Church Richardson to look up phone numbers and other important information related to their congregation, they had to open a complicated, Microsoft Windows-only program on computers physically located at the church. FUMCR People, a web and mobile app, provided staff members with an easy-to-use interface and brought contact information, photos, and other details to iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and desktop/laptop browsers on all operating systems located anywhere.

iOS App

Web App


Public speakers and teachers often look for interactive ways to engage with their audiences. Text2Answer facilitates this by using a web browser connected to a large screen to display a question and a phone number to which to text message answers with responses appearing in real-time as they arrive. See a demo at

Custom Alerts

The iPhone calendar app provides a great way to keep track of appointments and will even allow users to set reminder alerts. Unfortunately, the calendar app offers a limited set of alert choices from the time of the event up to 1 week before the event. Custom Alerts, an iPhone/iPad app (available on the App Store), provides a simple way to attach alerts ranging from 0 minutes to 99 weeks before an appointment.

iPhone Calendar App offers Few Alert Options

Custom Alerts Offers Many Alert Options